Hoya Basics, A Beginner's Guide to Growing and Caring...

Swedish | English

Author: Dale Kloppenburg
Year: 1999

I'm not sure if to call this a follow up to The Hoya Handbook or not, but it feels like something of a comprimise however somewhat better than the first. As Hoya Basics is spiral bound it's more of a compendium than a book. I cannot find any ISBN connected to it.

It's a rather easy to comprehend and includes the most important issues of The Hoya Handbook; how to properly care for Hoyas, diseases and pests, where they come from and a bit about Hoya anatomy.

Who ever is indecisive of whether to buy The Hoya Handbook or Hoya Basics I would recommend the latter. Hoya Basics is conciderably cheaper, it uses up less space in the book shelf and you don't have to browse through the slighlty inferior picture gallery of The Hoya Handbook.

Where to buy:
Rainbow Gardens Bookshop
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