Hoya tsangii C.M.Burton

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This species has been a subject of discussion for a long time. When the name was first published in 1988 it was intended for the species now called Hoya sp. DS-70 (or Hoya sp. aff. DS-70 by us who are not sure we have the same clone). However, the author referred to the wrong holotype by mistake and the rules of nomenclature states that it is the holotype species that revieves the name regardless of what the author intended. During the years that followed the species was distributed under the name Hoya tsangii and another species was published, Hoya odetteae, using the same holotype. Again, the rules states that if two names are published using the same holotype the first has precedence. Thus Hoya odetteae had to change names to Hoya tsangii and the species known as the latter had to return to its status as unidentified.

Hoya tsangii looks to me like a pure hanging basket plant and I grow it as such. The leaves are narrow and rather fleshy. I would guess it could tolerate to dry some although I haven't tried it yet.

 Variations in Hoya

Flower size:

Leaf size: 10-15mm × 30-50mm

Growth: Hanging


Section: Acanthostemma

Origin: Philippines

Author: C.M. Burton

Publication: Hoyan, 9(4:2): i (1988

Herbarium: 13372 - isotype

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