Growing Hoyas from seeds

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 Click to enlarge none If getting a Hoya to produce seed pods is an effort in itself, growing Hoyas from seeds is an even more difficult task.

During my 17 years of collecting I've only seen pods in my home twice before. Both times on Hoya serpens. I only tried sowing the first time, the second I just jumped the experience as I was unsuccessfull the first time. The summer of 2007 a friend sent me seeds of Hoya australis. I failed again.

Now, during fall of 2008 I discovered no less than five pods on Hoya serpens. As it had been outdoors all summer, accompanied by Hoya fungii and a few others I was hoping for a hybrid so I decided to give sowing a third shot.

The seed pods took quite some time maturing, actually it took several months. I sowed the lot as soon as they had loosened from the pod. Unfortunately, after nearly two weeks, not a single seed has germinated.


Hoya serpensnone Watch a seed pod open

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