Schlechter, Friedrich Richard Rudolf (1872-1925)

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Rudolf Schlechter was born in Berlin on the 16th of October 1872 and died on November 15 1925 in the same city. He was a german botanist, orchid specialist, and worked as curator at the Botanical Museum of Berlin.

Schlechter made excursion trips to Africa, Central and South America, Indonesia, Australia and New Guinea where he collected a large amount of plant material. Unfortunately his entire herbarium collection was destroyed in the bombings of Berlin during WW2.

Dr. Schlechter's published Hoya species:

Hoya anulata
Hoya bandaensis
Hoya benguetensis
Hoya betchei
Hoya bilobata
Hoya bordenii
Hoya cagayanensis
Hoya calycina
Hoya chloroleuca
Hoya collina
Hoya cystiantha
Hoya dischorensis
Hoya dolichosparte
Hoya eitapensis
Hoya epedunculata
Hoya eugenioides
Hoya exilis
Hoya flavescens
Hoya gigas
Hoya glabra
Hoya gracilipes
Hoya gracilis
Hoya halophila
Hoya hypolasia
Hoya incurvula
Hoya intermedia
Hoya ischnopus
Hoya kenejiana
Hoya leucorhoda
Hoya litoralis
Hoya longipes
Hoya luzonica
Hoya marginata
Hoya mcgregorii
Hoya merrillii
Hoya microphylla
Hoya microstemma
Hoya minahassae
Hoya mindorensis
Hoya montana
Hoya naumannii
Hoya neo-caledonica
Hoya odorata
Hoya oleoides
Hoya oligantha
Hoya oreostemma
Hoya padangensis
Hoya papuana
Hoya parvifolia
Hoya patella
Hoya pedunculata
Hoya piestolepis
Hoya pulchella
Hoya reticulata
Hoya rhodostemma
Hoya rubida
Hoya schneei
Hoya solaniflora
Hoya stenophylla
Hoya subglabra
Hoya torricellensis
Hoya treubiana
Hoya trigonolobos
Hoya venusta
Hoya wariana


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