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I am an amateur grower and one should keep in mind that what works for me might not do so for others. The website, all it's contents and graphics have been created by me.

This site uses frames. As I update quite frequently it's designed to be easily updated and due to the choice of design it's not possible to link to specific pages. to keep up to date with the latest research. Sometimes names change or one species is sunk into another. Old names that have been featured on the site are still available but one has to use the search function to find them as they are stored togeather with the legitimate name.


All photos are mine and with very few exeptions my plants and flowers are the ones pictured in the gallery.

I photograph mainly in daylight as the flash from the camera and artificial lights might alter the colors. If possible I use a dark background, preferably black, for flowers and umbels.

Unfortunatley many of my photographs have been used withouth my permission to sell their own plants. In other words, strangers have profited from my work. Due to this I have felt it nessecary to add a copyright notice to the photos. I have done my best not to damage the photos too much.


The information provided is based on my own experience or from any of the literature listed under the headline Literature