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Who ever has been around since 1999 knows that this website has changed quite a bit over the years. When I started collecting Hoyas about 15 years ago there was no internet and information was quite difficult to come by. Once I got my first computer and learned some webdesign I put up my first Hoya website.

I'm a 30+, Swedish, married with five children walking the planet. We live in a house outside a small town .

My interest in houseplants began as a child. My mother was an avid collector of just about everything and anything. At one point she owned over 800 house plants if my memory serves me right. There were flowers everywhere. Many plants were unobtainable through nurseries so one had to trade with fellow collectors.

In our house we had a gigantic Hoya carnosa. Actually we had two, the regular green one and a variegated although the latter did not bloom on a regular basis so I didn't pay the same attention to it as the first. During spring and summer it was constantly in bloom and I would lick the sweet nectar off it's flowers. My mother had grown them from cuttings given to her during the 50-ties and 60-ties.These two plants were later given to me but due to lack of space the green carnosa had to move to my sister who unfortunately managed to kill it. I still have the variegated one and it's one of those I will always keep.

During the early 90-ties I started collecting Hoyas. I got in touch with a few other collectors and in a few years I had quite an extensive collection. However, during the late 90-ties the collecting got the better of me and I started to cut back. Soon I had sold most of the Hoyas I had and I thought that I would remain a passive collector.

The pause lasted only a couple of years and now, many years later, I have more Hoyas than ever before. My interest has changed a bit though. My main goal is not to obtain all species there is (although I might be getting there again). Now, I'm getting more interested in differense within and between species. Currently my collection consists of approximately Hoya 250 species.